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Manuka honey

-an all natural and healthy remedy

against colds, flues and runny noses

Manuka Honey An all natural healthy remedy against colds, flus and runny noses

Winter is just around the corner, and it’s seasons for colds, flues and runny noses.


You might have to plan for a couple of sick days for yourself or your little ones – and probably the mandatory trip down to your local pharmacy to pick up antibiotics to get rid of the ‘nasties’. Does it truly have to be this way?


No! Nature has given us an incredibly powerful remedy; experts compare it to a medicinal product – something all natural and extremely good for you. So what is it?


Best tip in years

Today we have set out to give you one of the best small cunning tip you might have received in years: The tip carries the name "manuka honey". Mark these two words, because if you do not already know the product, you have an important acquaintance ahead of you. It has naturally cured many colds and sore throats and helped prevent flu - that was why we came to think that it might also be helpful for you to know.


Manuka is so much more than normal honey

‘Normal’ honey, has been used for centuries as a healthy ‘remedy’ because of its beneficial nutritional compounds but also or preventing different diseases. It has some degree of antibacterial function, inhibiting some bacteria and fungal infections.



honey has all the healthy components of normal honey – plus so much more. The antibacterial and antifungal effect is much more powerful and strong compared to ‘normal’ honey. Why?


Manuka honey comes from bees gathering pollen from the wild manuka bush that you primarily find in New Zealand. Pollen from the manuka bushes contains - unlike regular honey - the substance called methylglyoxal or MGO. This substance had a STRONG antibacterial and antifungal effect, and research shows that Manuka honey with a high MGO content may even be effective against RESISTANT BACTERIA and therefore perhaps an effective and completely natural remedy in these times of VTECH and MRSA, etc.


The powerful effect of manuka honey and the high MGO levels are due to the strenuous conditions the manuka bushes live under. Researchers believe that the bushes produce the high level of MGO to defend them and survive in rough condition. The MGO is transferred via the pollen to the bees and is for us to benefit from via the amazing honey. Even the ancient Greeks knew about and used manuka honey and used it as a medicinal product.




Just how effective is manuka honey?

If you feel the slightest sensation of illness, like a light sore throat or the first symptoms of a fever – just make yourself a cup of tea or ginger in hot water – stir in one teaspoon of manuka honey and enjoy. Drink this mixture on two consecutive days and you should already begin to feel better. Or if you have a light cut, a hangnail, or other minor cuts, just put a tiny layer on, leave it and it will help prevent a bacterial infection.


Where can I get my manuka honey?

The health shop brand Holland&Barrett carries a wide range of different manuka honey brands as well as kinds of manuka honey with different MGO/UMF numbers. Here you can find whatever you need – you can even find dermatological products with manuka honey! We recommend you to get to Holland&Barrett for your manuka honey and other natural remedies, vitamins, etc. And as a bonus – Holland&Barrett is a part of the Noviplus lifestyle membership program giving you 15 percent off store-wide.


Find out more about the NoviPlus lifestyle membership here.


You can get different honey with different MGO content – simply because the honey produced by the bees is all natural and differs dependent on the pollen they collect. Certified manuka honey is given a number – either an MGO number or a UMF number that tells you about the effectiveness of the manuka honey. The larger number, the better – if you want an optimal effect we recommend you to go for honey with an MGO number of more than 450 or a UMF number larger than 12+.


Worth the premium price

Manuka honey is more expensive than your average supermarket honey, no doubt about that. But think about it for a while – how much do your sick days, decreased productivity, medication, and doctor’s visits cost you? How much would you save if you could take one teaspoon of manuka honey two days in a row? We highly recommend you to keep a glass of this in your kitchen.


You can follow Holland&Barrett on Facebook, Instagram and find them on the following locations:

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