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Spill the Bean chocolate cake
Spill the Bean chocolate chip cookie & banana & oats muffin
Spill the Bean coconut and cacao truffle ball

Do you ever question what is in your food and how it is made? We know a place where you can get awesome cakes and snacks - and at the same time rely on the nutrition and quality of the food you get!


The coffee shops scene is developing rapidly in Dubai. In the City of Gold we drink more coffee than ever before! In 2014 alone, there was a 70% increase in cups of coffee sold throughout the city. Much of our coffee is enjoyed in coffee shops with some sweet treat or a slice cake on the side.


Unfortunately there are many places serving snacks and cakes of depressingly low quality. They often comes from the freezer and are made from processed ingredients like white sugar or high fructose corn syrup and low quality fats. To get them to look nice and have a pleasant moist texture they are often filled with chemicals and preservatives.


They may look nice but when we eat this our bodies suffer! Cakes and sweets made from processed ingredients have been put through chemical processes and are infused with unnatural substances and preservatives.



You body does not know how to use processed food. When food is chemically processed it is being altered from their natural state to the extend that your body does not even biologically recognize it as food. Your body does not know what to do with it. Your body has difficulties digesting, absorbing, and eliminating processed food. It offers very little in nutritional value, leaving you sluggish and depleted. And if that is not all, it also leaves you filled with chemicals.


This is why processed pre-made snacks and cakes you can buy may look good, but is far from the cakes our mothers and grandmothers used to bake for us when we were kids.

Thankfully there are far better alternatives

More and more places in Dubai are starting to do things differently. Places where you can enjoy your cup of coffee and feel good about adding a mouthwatering desert go your serving. Places where you can get flavorsome treats made from real food of high nutritional value.


Spill the Bean is one of those places. Their cakes and sweets variety is huge with everything freshly made from real natural ingredients. The recipes are made out of love for natural ingredients and health. No chemicals and no cake mixes! One of the owners of Spill the Bean Ola Sinno explains: ‘Processed ingredients like white sugar and chemicals are the rut cause of diseases in this century. We offer none of that to our customers. At Spill the Bean we know that cake and coffee goes hand in hand and offer healthy delicious options. All of our cakes and snacks are made from scratch without any processed sugar. Instead we use natural products like real honey, dates and fruit purées. It gives the clean taste and eliminates the need for using sugar’.





One example is Spill the Bean's chocolate cake. Made fresh and from scratch using only premium ingredients like lots of quality dark chocolate with 80% cacao, whole-wheat flour and good quality butter. On the desert menu you can also find their delicious banana almond cake made with coconut and almond flour. Good healthy energy to nourish your body. No short cuts are made. Even the frosting is made with cream cheese and no added sugar.


As a smaller snack they have mini muffins filled with super foods like fresh blueberries, sesame seeds, chia seeds, good quality cacao, oats and whole grain flour. Really yummy.





Eating real natural food, will nourish your body because it re recognizes what it is being fed. Your body does not have to overstrain itself to transform the food into something it can use. Instead it can effortlessly use the nutrients and easily recharge energy and maintain vital body functions.


What do you think? Is this worth considering next time you are ordering cake with your coffee?


Spill the Bean

Jumeira 3, Sunset Mall, 1st Floor


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Did you know?

Your body rely on you to get vital nutrients from the food you eat. Your body takes care of millions of biological processes every day. Each process depends on certain components and building blocks - which you can only get from fresh, nutritious food, prepared in the right way.


Processed and industrialised prepared food does not give your body what it needs. It is not real food - it cannot give your body fuel to the millions of vital processes to function optimally. Poor quality food does not feed your body well - it only fills your stomach!