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Does your health really matter when you are doing business in Dubai?

It only takes a quick glance, maybe three seconds, for someone to make a first impression of you. At the blink of an eye, a person will judge you on your appearance, your looks and your body language.


So if you look healthy, you will be judged as being healthy? Can that really be true, also when you do business?


We met with job recruitment expert Deepa Sud to talk about how our eating and living impacts the impressions we give.


Deepa Sud is the owner of Plum Jobs; a recruitment company that is specialising in executive search, headhunting & recruitment consultancy. Deepa Sud has a proven record in talent acquisition across the UAE, MENA and Levant regions, Asia Pacific, Europe and Northern America. Working with both companies and job seekers gives Deepa a vast knowledge about how your looks affect the impressions you give.


Deepa explains: ‘First impressions are very important. They can be nearly impossible to reverse or undo. They set the tone for the relations that follow. Needless to say, it’s important to make good first impressions!



In a highly competitive job market like Dubai personal appearance plays a big role whether you are interviewing for a new job or trying to get your career on the fast track. It’s not only about your proven track record of previous jobs, but also very much about how you demonstrate your personality and your core values.


How you live and what you eat has a great impact on how you look. Not only in term of your weight, but also in term of your skin, teeth nails, and your eyes. If you take care of your body and mind, your looks will reflect how motivated you are to take responsibility for your life - also in a business context. Healthy looks show that you are willing to engage yourself in what you do – including your work.


What does the boss say?

Business owner and manager want employees who give a positive impression to customers and stakeholders. If employees look healthy, the business is perceived like that as well. Especially in a place like Dubai where relations are key to success! Business relations are built over time, which makes it extremely important that you represent your company well to support those relations. In every aspect!


From the business owner or manager’s point of view you need healthy employees for many reasons. When you take care of yourself, eat healthy and have a healthy lifestyle you will be better at handling stress and most likely have fewer sick days compared to somebody unhealthy.


A healthy person also benefits the company in being more productive, focused and committed at work. Fewer sick days and less illness translate into cheaper health insurance, which again is translated into savings for the business.


Start eating healthy and take matters into your own hands!

Make sure to stand out from the crowd to get the success you deserve. Eat healthy to be more productive, have more focus and commitment, fewer sick days. Every boss will reward that. And maybe you will be the healthy role model in your company. Who knows.





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Recruitment expert Deepa Sud from Plumb Jobs in Dubai

Recruitment expert Deepa Sud from Plumb Jobs


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Did you know?

Your body rely on you to get vital nutrients from the food you eat. Your body takes care of millions of biological processes every day. Each process depends on certain components and building blocks - which you can only get from fresh, nutritious food, prepared in the right way.


Processed and industrialised prepared food does not give your body what it needs. It is not real food - it cannot give your body fuel to the millions of vital processes to function optimally. Poor quality food does not feed your body well - it only fills your stomach!