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Are you celebrating your child's birthday party any time soon?


Now you have the chance to win pizzas and brownies with Freedom Pizza for your party.


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Are you looking to stay healthy for less on clean, nutritious food in Dubai?


Now you have the chance to win with Noviplus and My Healthy DXB - a one year Noviplus lifestyle membership!

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Do you feel lost in the confusing jungle of dietary advice? Do you need individual talior made nutritional advice to get you back on the right track?


Win a nutritional consultation with My Healthy DXB and nutritionist and naturopath Jill Dumas.

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We know a place where you can enjoy cakes and sweet snacks freshly made from only real natural ingredients:

Spill the Bean Coffee Shop


Win cake and coffee for you and a friend with My Healthy DXB and Spill the Bean Coffee Shop


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Did you know?

Your body rely on you to get vital nutrients from the food you eat. Your body takes care of millions of biological processes every day. Each process depends on certain components and building blocks - which you can only get from fresh, nutritious food, prepared in the right way.


Processed and industrialised prepared food does not give your body what it needs. It is not real food - it cannot give your body fuel to the millions of vital processes to function optimally. Poor quality food does not feed your body well - it only fills your stomach!