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Home made green pesto

- healthy, easy and delicious

Beef stew for an healthy and delicious iftar

Homemade pesto is the perfect and easy way for you to get lots of healthy greens and vital fats. And it tastes amazing!


Pesto is perfect for making a quick and easy delicious meal – as dressing, with potatoes, as a spread for your sandwich, as a dip. The list is long, and pesto is the perfect staple to have in your fridge.



Making your own pesto will ensure that you stay clear of various added chemicals. It also ensures that you get all the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.) from the greens – and that only high-quality cold-pressed oil is used. And the best part – the feeling of eating your ‘own creation’ always somehow tastes just a bit better because you know that you put your time and effort into it.


My favourite pesto

The classical pesto is made with basil and pine leaves. But the possibilities for changing the ingredients are many, to give the taste a twist – or if you simply just want to clear out some items in your kitchen. I normally make pesto with almonds to give it a more coarse consistency – leaving on the skin on the almonds to include the fibre as well.


When using oils in your kitchen always use high-quality cold-pressed oils when using the oils cold. Your body need the vital fat to build up your cells and for vital body functions. But beware. Low-quality oils like canola, corn or soybean oil are a ticking bomb under your health. Don’t touch it!



As for the greens, the possibilities of what you can use are many. Anything from parsley to rocket salad and spinach can be used; it only depends on availabilities and your preferences. When you choose your greens – remember that freshly picked herbs and greens contain the most micronutrients. During the winter season in Dubai, you have the wonderful opportunity to buy locally produced organic herbs and spices – fresh, healthy and directly from the farm. They contain many more micronutrients than the imported ones stored for weeks before reaching the supermarkets here.


One of my favourite variations of pesto is with parsley and rocket salad, gives it a bit of a bite and lots of taste.



• 2 dl cold pressed high-quality virgin olive oil

• 1 1⁄2 tablespoon almonds with skin

• 1 big clove of garlic

• 50 g parmesan cheese

• 1⁄4 teaspoon fine salt

• 1 liter fresh parsley, rinsed and dried

• ½ liter fresh rocket salad, rinsed and dried


Put oil, almonds, garlic, cheese and salt into your blender. Blend at a slow pace for approximately one minute. Add the parsley and rocket and blend again at the slowest speed for 30 seconds. Cover the pesto and store it cold, at least half an hour before serving.


One way of getting an even more intense taste for your pesto is to make it on your juicer if you have one. Start by juicing your greens. Then add both the juice and the pulp into the mix. Grinding your greens in your juicer will bring out the intense taste of your greens and make your pesto taste even more amazing. Enjoy!


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Did you know?

Your body rely on you to get vital nutrients from the food you eat. Your body takes care of millions of biological processes every day. Each process depends on certain components and building blocks - which you can only get from fresh, nutritious food, prepared in the right way.


Processed and industrialised prepared food does not give your body what it needs. It is not real food - it cannot give your body fuel to the millions of vital processes to function optimally. Poor quality food does not feed your body well - it only fills your stomach!