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Food is everywhere in Dubai. Fast food, junk food, processed food, organic food, locally produced food, healthy food, vegetarian food... all sorts of food from all over the world. The food landscape in Dubai is like its citizens. Diverse and Plenty! Unhealthy and Healthy!


Unfortunately, the rates of overweight and obesity in Dubai are high. In fact, more than 6 out of 10 people living here are either overweight or obese. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) this is an epidemic caused partly by the food that we eat.


In general we eat too much refined sugar, too much unhealthy fat, and way too much processed food. Food that is making us weak, lethargic and sick! Food of awfully bad quality, depleted from nourishment and harming our bodies!


It's pretty scary! Fortunately, you have to power to decide what you eat! And you can decide to make a positive change, starting today. And we want to make the change with you, giving you knowledge and support all the way.


My Healthy DXB is your go-to site for healthy food in Dubai. We love healthy food and want to inspire you to make healthy food choices and develop lifelong eating habits.


We bring Dubai's best healthy food stories, initiatives and products closer to you. We feature anything that will inspire and motivate you to eat healthily. We feature delicious, healthy cafes and restaurants, give you menu reviews, DIY recipes, bring you expert review and much more.


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Before starting any new diet or diet change please check with your doctor, nutritionist or dietician.


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Did you know?

Your body rely on you to get vital nutrients from the food you eat. Your body takes care of millions of biological processes every day. Each process depends on certain components and building blocks - which you can only get from fresh, nutritious food, prepared in the right way.


Processed and industrialised prepared food does not give your body what it needs. It is not real food - it cannot give your body fuel to the millions of vital processes to function optimally. Poor quality food does not feed your body well - it only fills your stomach!